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Blakvise knocks your socks off, lets you sing along and dance, lashes around and embraces you afterwards! The band from Hannover/Kassel exists in this formation since the beginning of 2009 and makes every concert to an experience.

With their progressive influenced mix of rock and hardcore the 4 guys played already on numerous festivals and club shows showing their live qualities. People that like energy loaded songs, emotional moments and a rocking sound that touches and hits the crowd at the same time, won’t forget this music.

In the beginning of 2010 Blakvise signs a deal with the UK label Headroom Records and releases their first EP “For All These Days”.


Blakvise are:

Jochen Gros ~ Vocals / Guitar

Dennis Schruhl ~ Guitar / Effects

Markus Frank ~ Bass / Vocals

Arne Grosser ~ Drums (seit Jan 2009)