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Firmament - 2012


  1. Escape [lyrics]
  2. A Promise From Older Days [lyrics]
  3. Future Kid [lyrics]
  4. We Walk Along [lyrics]
  5. Lost Into Yourself [lyrics]
  6. Counting Stars [lyrics]
  7. The Warmth [lyrics]
  8. Change [lyrics]
  9. Lightyears [lyrics]
  10. It's Over [lyrics]
  11. Bitter End [lyrics]
Firmament - Released on Intono Records
Recorded & mixed by Willi Dammeier at Institut für Wohlklanforschung - Hannover. Mastered by Alex Kloss at Time Tools Mastering - Hannover

The Warmth:

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For All These Days - 2010

Cover Butterflies & Hurricanes
  1. Coming Home [lyrics]
  2. Surrender [lyrics]
  3. For All These Days [lyrics]
  4. When Memories Collide [lyrics]
  5. Goodbye [lyrics]


Headroom Records

For All These Days - Released on Headroom Records
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Willi Dammeier at Institut für Wohlklanforschung - Hannover.

Coming Home:

For All These Days:

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Butterflies & Hurricanes - 2009

Cover Butterflies & Hurricanes
  1. This Is Rage
  2. Maybe Forever
  3. Revelation (here we are)
  4. The Lost Art Of Handling Mistakes
  5. My Chamber
  6. A Fairy Tale Of You And I
  7. Butterflies & Hurricanes
  8. All Inside
  9. Revenge
  10. Palmasola
  11. With You My Dear
Butterflies & Hurricanes is our first album. The album was recorded by blakvise in Kassel. The mix of Butterflies & Hurricanes was done by hihat42 in the Hafenstudios Hannover.

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